Ranco O12-1506 Dual Pressure Control

Low Pressure 12" to 50 PSI Automatic Reset, High Pressure 100 to 250 PSI Automatic Reset
Manufacturer: Ranco
SKU: O12-1506

Ranco dual pressure controls are used for either operating or protecting commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.  Within one NEMA 1 enclosure, they are a combination of both high and low pressure controls interconnected to operate a common switch.

Ranco dual pressure controls are suitable for R12, R22 and R502 refrigerants and are available with either male flare or capillary with flare nut pressure connections.

The O12 series, with a single pole, single throw switch (SPST), will directly control a single phase compressor;  the O12 may also be used with a contactor for pilot control for single and three-phase compressors.  The O22, with a double pole, single throw switch (DPST), will directly control single of three-phase compressors.  The electrical ratings inside the control cover must not be exceeded.

The low pressure closes (cuts-in) the switch on rise of compressor suction pressure and opens (cuts-out) the switch on pressure drop.  The high pressure function overrides to open the switch as the compressor discharge pressure rises.

  • Low Pressure (Open Low): 12" to 50 PSI, 5 to 35 PSI differential, automatic reset.
  • High Pressure (Open High): 100 to 250PSI, 50 PSI fixed differential, automatic reset.
  • Capillary: 36" with 1/4" SAE flare nut.
  • Switch: SPST
  • FLA: 24Amps @ 120VAC/240VAC